A format is a basic setting for an improv performance. It works as a framework in which the improvised stories happen. We aim to offer you, our audience, a wide range of formats. They are briefly described bellow so you can check what you can expect from the next show.

Cloud Atlas

Does history repeat itself or do we create the meaning of these cycles?
Are there any symbols which will survive through eternity?
What are these symbols trying to tell us?
This show is inspired by eternal emotions and symbols found in the movie Cloud Atlas and in the book with the same name by David Mitchell.

Director's cut

Four to five directors compete for your favor. Every director has their own style and their own genre to navigate the story. In the course of the evening you will see multiple openings, but only one story will be told to the very end.
Which one? The Best!
You will decide who is THE DIRECTOR!  

Ghost of love

The famous song says that love is all around us, but it has so many faces. The beginning of love full of longing stares of the lovers, the marital fight, the struggle to be together against all odds, the end of a relationship.
In this show we will see different colours of love affairs to see that love really is all around us even if we don't see it all the time.