The Randoms - Improv Comedy Theatre 

| Based in Brno | Performing in English |

The Randoms are the first Improv Theatre Group in Brno performing regularly in English. There are five of us Barbara, Petra, Hana, Tomas and Jaroslav, all committed improvisers. We SAY YES to experiments, to challenges and to the big unknown to make each performance a unique experience for you. 

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The Randoms - Improv Comedy Night


First English friendly improv comedy in Brno!
Meet The Randoms! Join us for a crazy ride of the unexpected and the joyful that improv is. Enjoy a night where you get to be the director!

SAY YES to fun, SAY YES to the unknown, SAY YES to improv!

We are based in Brno yet we like to travel! Interested in having us to throw a show or a workshop? Drop us a line! Do you have comments, questions, feedback or free hugs to offer? Talk to us: